Practical Excel 2010 – taking you from casual user to expert

I am often asked by friends, family and colleagues “In Excel, how do you do…” This website, the books, videos and online courses are the result of the knowledge I’ve shared.

As the site develops, there will be hints, tips and a forum to ask questions.

Author: Justin Holt

I witnessed a revolution in the 1980s when personal computers started to appear on desks and at home. Compared to today, the technology was clunky and definitely not mobile. However, one thing hasn't changed, and that a lot of people still need to ask "How do I..." I often think back to all the help I got, and how I asked what I worried were dumb questions. Over the years, I've come to realise that the only dumb question is one that isn't asked. I hope I can take my turn in answering the questions you have. All the very best, Justin

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