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Solving Real Problems with Excel

Hi, I am Justin Holt and I am the author of Practical Excel 2010 (which is available from Amazon).  My goal is to help you use  Excel in the real world.

I grew up in a time before personal computers and spreadsheets had been invented. When I first started working after leaving college, the only contact I had with computers was with weekly print outs sent out from Head Office. A few years later, terminals began to appear and my work changed forever.

My early career was spent in sales and marketing management, but the recession at the end of the 1980’s forced a rethink and a change of direction. The outcome is that I am now an IM&T project management professional working in healthcare.

I have been using MS Windows® and Excel® since 1990, and I am constantly amazed that this is before many of my colleagues had even started school (and in at least one case was before they were born)! I certainly feel old at times. I’ve seen so many improvements and evolution in software.

Outside of work and computing, I have maintained a nerdy interest in popular science, aviation history and sports. I am a veteran martial artist and have the aches and pains to prove it. I also write.

I really hope that you find this site useful and that it makes helps your work a bit easier.

All the best



West Yorkshire

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Justin Holt