Solving real problems with Excel

Solving Real Problems with Excel

Do you find yourself at work wondering if there is an easier way to do things using Excel? If you keep lists of data, produce reports or have to work with figures I can bet you will have. When you ask techies how to do something,  do you find that they solve problems in a blur of keystrokes leaving you none the wiser? I work in a technical field and it has happened to me lots of times.

This site aims to give you that knowledge, so you understand it and can use it again and again.

I first started using Excel when it had to be installed from floppy disks, Windows was in version 3.1 and there wasn’t an Internet to ask for help. I wasn’t an overnight expert. It took me ages of using spreadsheets to do work stuff before I felt confident enough not to have the Microsoft Excel manual on my desk. Sure it was comprehensive, but I found it very dry reading and I often wondered what it all meant.

After some time, I found that I had become the go-to guy for colleagues using Excel spreadsheets. If I didn’t already know the answer, I would  find out. I did my learning the hard way, trying out ideas and finding different ways to tackle problems. The one thing they all had in common was that the problems were real problems using real data. Every time I came up with a way of solving an issue, I’d keep a copy of that spreadsheet and also make some brief notes that I would keep in a hard back book. The result was that I built up quite  a knowledgebase for myself.

I am keen to share what I have learned and the aim of this site is to help you become your own Excel 2010 expert. Lots of people prefer to have something they can just dip in and out of when the need arises. With that in mind, I’ve published a book (available both from Amazon and direct from the publishers – Lulu)  and I’ve also developed an e-course. is set up with a series of blog entries and articles showing how to solve real world problems. I usually post videos to accompany these on YouTube as lots of people prefer to see a demonstration.